If you're interested in fencing, but haven't done it before, we run beginners course roughly 3 times a year. The beginners course is a 6 week course designed to teach you enough of the basics that you can start fencing at our club. It costs £75 per person including tuition and kit hire. 

Once you've completed your beginners course, you can continue to borrow the kit you need until you've purchased your own. Club coaches and armourers are happy to advise you on what you'll need and answer any questions you might have.

Returning fencers or if you're looking to join a new club, get in touch with us.

All fencers must have British Fencing Membership. You can find out more at https://www.britishfencing.com/

Club fees

It costs £7 per session for adults and £6 per session for under 18s and full time students. You can also pay by monthly standing order and there is a discount for those who do.

Our coaches

Owen Birch
Lead Coach - Level 3 Foil
Monica Bosworth
Level 2 Foil
Elliott Bragg
Level 2 Foil
Jonathan Masefield
Level 1 Épée
Welfare Officer
Lis Polli